Are they frit?

Many of us working for drug law reform are becomingly increasingly frustrated at the government’s refusal to enter into a debate on the subject.  We present sound arguments, backed by credible evidence, that our current policy isn’t working and make coherent proposals for how a more effective, harm reduction approach would work.  These approaches (even when supported by over 200,000 signatures on an official petition, and substantial numbers of citizens wanting change ) are summarily dismissed with a pre-prepared statement that says, in effect, “we will not change our policy because everything is working well”.

You would have thought that a responsive government, committed to the democratic process, would at least support a proper discussion (and I don’t mean a non-binding Westminster Hall debate, without the Home Secretary or Prime Minister present) rather than ignoring the views of a huge number of citizens.

Well, if the government is impervious to evidence and reason will it be similarly unresponsive to accusations of being anti-democratic?

Why will they not engage in a public debate?

Are they frit?


About tomclloyd

International Drug Policy Adviser and former UK Chief Constable
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