Is Learn About Sam interested in learning?

Having read this blog on the Learn About SAM website I posted two comments responding to their invitation to “Join the discussion”:

1. Please note: “the study does not determine cause and effect relationships” and what is the total number of fatal collisions; has it gone up, down or remained the same?

2. You should read this objective account

I posted them on the 2nd June and again on the 5th. My comments were, briefly, “awaiting moderation” but never appeared.

Perhaps I’m not surprised that anything not “on message” is unlikely to appear on that website, but I am encouraged to learn (unlike them!) that they lack the confidence in their own cause to expose it to legitimate challenge.

I hesitate to invoke the words of a divisive figure but “Frightened! Frit!” come to mind.


About tomclloyd

International Drug Policy Adviser and former UK Chief Constable
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