Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan Police Commissioner suggests drug testing of millions of employees.


Here are a few comments, suggesting that it might not be such a good idea after all.

1. Alcohol should be included
2. Tobacco should be included
3. Invades privacy of individuals/human rights
4. Affects all, irrespective of any impairment/capability
5. Everybody should be included, employed or not
6. Currently not a crime to have drugs in body
7. Cannabis can be detected a long time after use
8. Users will migrate to “unknown/undetectable” drugs
9. Problematic/addicted users need help not persecution
10. Problematic/addicted users probably not deterred
11. Cost
12. Practicality
13. False positives
14. People avoiding tests, day off sick
15. Legal use of cannabis in Holland detected
16. Complexity/importance of chain of evidence for samples
17. Reason for testing, impairment or illegality?
Additions thanks to Harry McCulla :
18. Hemp tea contains traces of THC
19. Not just the Netherlands that allows legal use – e.g. THC from Sativex will be detected
Thanks to @ThatDamonGuy
20. Caffeine should be included
21. Prescribed medicines taken without prescription should be included
Thanks to @JulianBuchanan
22. Cocaine can be detected a long time after use
23. Commercial profits could/would influence policy
24. False negatives
25. Confusion between substances; regulated, prescribed, legal highs, not “drugs”, “controlled” drugs
26. No distinction between use and misuse
27. Libertarian argument
28. May not deliver anticipated savings
29. May not deliver anticipated safety improvements
30. Promotes abstinence and may undermine harm reduction
Please add to the list.


About tomclloyd

International Drug Policy Adviser and former UK Chief Constable
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2 Responses to Testing…testing…

  1. Harry McCulla says:

    1. Hemp tea contains traces of THC.
    2. Not just the Netherlands that allows legal use – e.g. THC from Sativex will be detected.

  2. don barnard says:

    nowt new here this been going on for years folks


    would it be unsporting to say told you so?

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